Right this way my friend

Your Host, Tony Capasso

$85 per Person
Available from 4pm to 8pm


Choice of one

Yellow and red tomatoes, prosciutto, balsamic glaze

Scallop Rissotto
Wild mushroom, truffle cream, truffle oil

Shrimp Wellington
Root vegetables, puff pastry, crabmeat, Dijon ginger cream sauce

Baby Kale Salad
Endive, gorgonzola cheese, apples, candied almonds, orange vinaigrette

Waffle Crab Cake
Tomato, pineapple, red onion, arugula, mango syrup

Gnocchi Caprese
Beefsteak tomato, fresh mozzarella, garlic and oil

Trio Meatball
Sicilian, truffle and classic


Choice of one

Grilled asparagus, roasted fingerling potatoes, lemon white wine sauce

Chicken Paillard
Baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, lemon zest vinaigrette

Filet Mignon
Garlic mashed potato, baby carrots, Barolo sauce

NY Strip Steak
Roasted red potatoes, sautéed spinach, peppercorn sauce

Chicken Martini
Roasted potatoes, sauteed spinach, peas, lemon white wine sauce

Sea Bass
Asparagus, Basmati rice, lobster basil cream sauce

Lobster Ravioli
White mushrooms, lobster, tomato brandy cream sauce

Shrimp & Scallop Fettucine
Grape tomato, garlic, pancetta, shrimp bisque sauce

Penne Vodka
Prosciutto, pancetta, bacon, tomato basil cream sauce


Choice of one

Mixed Berries
Chocolate Cake
French Toast
Assorted Gelato and Sorbet

Kids Buffet

$25 per Child

$25 per Child

Chicken Fingers & Fries
Penne with tomato sauce
Macaroni & Cheese

Executive Chef Denis Radovic